Le Réussi® Clothing Proclamation Program

At Le Réussi®, we believe in the power of fashion to transform lives and positively impact our planet. Our Clothing Proclamation Program is a call to action, inviting our valued customers to join us in reducing clothing waste, supporting sustainability, and making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.
Here's a comprehensive guide to how it works:

Step 1: Register Donation and Gather Your Old Clothes

Take a look in your wardrobe and gather the clothes you no longer need or wear. These could be items that are still in good condition but have lost their place in your regular rotation.

Click here to start the donation process. Make sure you’re entering the correct email address, so the discount code is sent to the right place.

Step 2: Prepare for Donation


Pack your old clothes securely and send them to our warehouse at:

Le Réussi® Warehouse
1500 South Dairy Ashford, #443
Houston, Texas 77077

Include a note inside the package with your name, phone number, email address, and a brief message indicating that the purpose of your donation is to contribute to our Clothing Proclamation Program.

Step 3: Confirm Your Donation
Upon receiving your package, we will promptly send you a confirmation email acknowledging your contribution. Along with this confirmation, you will receive store credit that you can use toward your next purchase with Le Réussi®.
Depend on the number items and the quality of the clothes, the store credits can be from $10 to $50. 

Step 4: Reap the Benefits


Your store credit is not just a token of gratitude; it's an opportunity for you to refresh your wardrobe sustainably. Use it to explore our latest collections and enjoy guilt-free shopping.

Step 5: Transforming Lives Worldwide

On our end, the journey of your old clothes is far from over. We carefully inspect, repair, and wash the garments, ensuring they are in excellent condition. These revitalized clothes are then donated to developing countries, where individuals often lack access to warm clothing, especially during winter or similar conditions.

The Meaning Behind Your Contribution:

Reducing Landfill Waste:
Did you know that a staggering 80% of clothing ends up in landfills annually? Your contribution directly helps mitigate this environmental crisis, contributing to a more sustainable and circular fashion industry.

Empowering Lives:
Your old clothes find new purpose by providing warmth and comfort to those in need. By participating in our Clothing Proclamation Program, you're not just decluttering; you're making a tangible impact on the lives of others.

Joining Our Venture:
Le Réussi® is more than a brand; it's a community of individuals dedicated to positive change. By participating in our program, you become an integral part of our venture toward a more sustainable and compassionate fashion future.

Thank you for considering Le Réussi®'s Clothing Proclamation Program. Together, let's weave a tapestry of positive change for our planet and for those who need it most. For more information about the program, please contact us at info@lereussi.com.