About us

You are what you wear, and you dress for success.

We get it; you want to succeed and get to that level you desire. So you need to think and dresslike a leader. And your first impression can either make or break you.

Dressing for success means that you’ll boost your self-confidence, draw the right attention, give you a competitive edge, and above all, it’s fun.

Vision Statement

We strive to help others succeed, achieve their dreams and have a beautiful life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide young to middle-aged people with professional high-end fashion and style guides by choosing the best fabric, designing excellent professional styles, and providing outstanding customer services to bring the highest value on each product to our customers.

Our Value

We commit to bring the best quality to each of our products and the best customer services to satisfy our customers. We intend to bring a triumphant feeling to our customers through our products and services to help our customers on their successful path.

This Brand, Le Reussi - Who We Truly Are

Le Reussi is a reputable fashion brand that produces and sells high-end fashion products. We focus on helping aspiring successful people to choose the perfect professional outfit and be what they wear. Le Reussi only produces high-end products, so rest assured you’ll always find the quality you are looking for.

Unlike other professional fashion brands, we inspire and guide individuals to become who they truly want to become. We put our compassion into bringing success to our customers on how they look and feel. Le Reussi also strives to inspire you and help you look successful because we are here to help you achieve those dreams. Think of your mentor, and you’ll become just like him or her.

Our Driving Force - Meet the Founder

My name is Nguyen Tran, the founder of Le Reussi. I got my first bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Vietnam and two Master’s degrees in Finance and Investment Management from the University of Houston.

I always wanted to be successful and bring myself and my family to see a different and beautiful life. The urge to be successful prompted me to start my first startup business, QNV Trading Ltd, a baby store in 2012 and managed to set up 60 stores and supermarkets after years of working for corporations.

I started Le Reussi to help young to middle-aged people who want to succeed in life with high-end professional outfits and style guides because I understand the business world. In my opinion,success is when you gain financial freedom, respect, and find happiness.

Talk to Us

We provide a working clothing line to help young people know how to wear and reach a successful career level. Le Reussi is determined to help you choose the best professional outfits that will undoubtedly put you on a competitive end. Please browse through our fashion products and reach out to us for professional outfit advice. Rest assured, we will always do our best to get back to you and walk with you on your successful path.