Work staples that deserve a space in your closet: Skirt edition!

Women’s Business Skirts - A Brief History

Skirts have always been a staple in a woman's wardrobe. It's comfortable, can be paired with a range of blouses and tops, and is uber stylish all year long.

A skirt is a piece of women's attire that is fitted on the waist and flows as it goes down. Over centuries, skirts for women underwent evolution. Sometimes being a medium to protest and other times, as the attire to lay grounds for fashion as we know it today. Skirts are known as the second oldest attire known to humankind. Today, skirts have evolved and have become an essential part of every woman's wardrobe. And with time, skirts have transformed and now align with today's use worldwide.

Based on the taste of an occasion, formal skirts for women too have undergone a tremendous transition through the years. From long formal skirts for women to pleated skirts for women, women’s business skirts have changed a lot as we know it. 

This blog explores the most commonly worn formal skirts for women and what factors you must keep in mind while buying a skirt!

Women’s Straight Skirts

Navy Women's Straight Skirt


Well-fitting at the waist and flared down at the bottom, a women’s straight skirt or an A-line skirt was first introduced in 1955 and needless to say, was revolutionary in terms of design and fit. The skirt is a figure accentuating and modern woman's armor for work. These skirts flare out as they go down, away from the body. The length and choice of fabric make these skirts an ideal choice for office wear.

Today, you can see many working-class women wear straight skirts with tops, blouses, and shirts of different types. A getup usually is completed with accessories (usually minimalistic and light in weight) based on the occasion.

Usually made with a mid-weight and non-stretchy fabric, these skirts are comfortable to wear all day long. The fitting is secured with a zip at the back or at the side along with a sealing button at the waist.

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Women’s Pleated Skirts

Women's Pleated Skirt

With details of pleats, these skirts are comfortable and can be paired with a blouse or top of choice to create an elegant or chic look. These skirts are usually stitched once and then placed on a mannequin to meticulously adjust the flow. The bottom hem of the women's pleated skirt is checked and adjusted to give a straight yet pleated look.

The fabric is gathered and stitched together for a fuller silhouette. The pleats add more room for movement and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the garment overall.

There are 6 main types of pleats that are used in women’s pleated skirts. These are:

  • Accordion Pleats
  • Box Pleats
  • Kick Pleats
  • Knife Pleats
  • Inverted Pleats
  • PinTucks

Born in the 20th century, pleated skirts for women have come a long way. From being everyday basics to becoming an integral part of professional wear for women, pleated skirts are now paired with a variety of blouses and tops to create a classy or an urban chic look!

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Everyday Women’s Business Skirt

Womens Formal Skirts

Known for its wearability and design for high-class performance, everyday women's business skirt is a type in itself that's defined by the levels of comfort, convenience, and professionalism that it brings to an overall look.

Often tailored to fit right to size and made with soft, breathable, and durable fabrics, these skirts are a must in every woman's wardrobe!

Women's business skirts are usually available in dark colors such as black or navy (or any other solids). This is the reason that these two colors will blend amazingly well in any situation and can be styled with blouses and tops of any color or pattern.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Women’s Business Skirt

Length of the skirt: It is best to consider the length of a skirt by keeping the distance of the hem from the knees as a standard. For many office spaces, a skirt length below the knees is a norm. While in workspaces that give freedom with dressing, you can consider a skirt an inch or so over the knee

Width of skirts: Different skirts have different widths and it determines just how much the skirt will flare out. Some skirts may have enough fabric for a fold or even to drape. Women’s pleated skirts and women’s straight skirts are normally the most preferred types of professional skirts and you must totally try these out!

The material of your skirt: Fabrics used in a skirt determine how your skirt will fit on your body and how it will flare out. It is best to opt for mid-weight and non-stretchy fabrics since they last long and are easy to maintain. For a workspace setting, it is best to avoid thin hosiery, clingy jerseys or thick chiffons as they not only disrupt the skirt's design and flow but may also not look professional. 

Versatile with styling: It is easy to buy a skirt and to be honest, it should never be a challenge to pair it correctly. When shopping for an office look, prefer dark-colored skirts since solids are easy to pair and look professional as well. In case you plan on buying printed skirts, pair them carefully with a plain blouse or top to keep the overall look subtle and work-friendly

The lining is important: In the case of skirts, the lining does more than just keeping the skirt in place when mild winds blow. The lining keeps the skirt from sticking to your body and adds layers that eventually reflect in the form of drapes or flares. In case you end up buying a skirt with no lining, it will be in your best interest to invest in an appropriate lining for yourself. Not only does it add to modesty, but you will also be less worried when the winds are strong.

Quality of zips and buttons matter: These days, skirts have an elastic band at the waist to get a secure fit at the waist along with zips and buttons that further seals the position of the skirt. Good quality zips and buttons will last many washes before they begin to show signs of damage. A poor-quality zip or buttons will start falling apart and may require you to stitch them over and over again.

Bottom Line

Needless to say, skirts add charm and character to every wardrobe. At Le Réussi, we make premium quality professional skirts for women that are tailored for a personal fit. We are always careful about our fabrics and stitches to ensure that every skirt that's reaching out to you is ready for wear and adds to your confidence and charm. Every experience is different and we are proud of being a part of your journey to success!

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