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Women trousers have a long history and while it was once worn to rebel, today women trousers are a work staple. Back in the day, women's trousers weren't a favorite amongst the working class and were worn by women who worked in the fields or in factories. Centuries later, the concept of women wearing trousers became normal and is responsible for today's evolution of women's trousers.

Today, trousers are a form of formal attire that's worn by women all over the world. The convenience of wearability and high functionality makes trousers a favorite for everyday office wear. Planning to add women’s trouser pants to your work wardrobe? Read on!

This blog explores the brief history of women's trousers and the top 3 types of trousers you must have in your wardrobe to create your own power-packed look!

What made women's trousers so popular? 

Previously, women were required to wear skirts regardless of what they were doing, to maintain decency at the workplace, and to ensure one's modesty. While skirts have enough room to move easily and were made with light or mid-weight fabrics, they weren't always comfortable and made it difficult to move around quickly in case of an emergency.

That's when women trousers came into existence. They were comfortable to wear, just had enough legroom, and allowed all-around mobility. 

Additionally, women's trousers later were tailored with pockets to make it easier for working women to have extra space when they are on the job to keep pens and small-sized handbooks.

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Office Trousers For Women

Today, women’s trouser pants are a work staple and the design for trousers has evolved since the 18th century. The women's trousers in today's world are made in different styles that are not only work-friendly but also uber comfortable. With a variety of fabrics being used to tailor trousers, you are bound to find a style and fit that meets your expectations.

The 3 Most Popular Types of Women's Trousers That are a Must in Your Wardrobe!

Skinny Trousers For Women: These formal trousers for women are absolutely stunning when paired with formal blouses and tops to create an ultra-chic look that's sophisticated for work. Usually made with a mid-weight and non-stretchy fabric, these skinny trousers do not lose their shape and texture over prolonged periods of wear. 

The fabrics are usually chosen to make these women's trouser pants comfortable and easy for all-day wear.

Moreover, the skinny trousers for women are tapered at the end to create a well-fitted and professional look. Add to that the convenience of pockets that are functional. What makes these trousers so popular is the fact that they can be paired with blouses and tops of your choice to either create a high-end professional look or to create a sassy casual look. Additionally, you can add minimalistic accessories to add detail and excellence to the outfit.

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Women’s Pleated Trousers: Pleats are folds of fabric that are stitched together to create a more gathered look and are usually positioned at the waist. Pleated trousers for women are popular due to the blend of traditional and modern design alongside the high functionality. The pleats at the waist add more room to the trousers without causing any increase in waist size.

Pleats come in handy when you have to sit for prolonged hours at one place and there's hardly much chance of movement. The folds of pleats expand when you sit and create enough space for the hips to expand in a sitting position.

Additionally, you can pair these women's trouser pants with your favorite blouse or top. These trousers are tailored for comfort and all-season wear.

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Straight Leg Women's Trousers: Want to add an edge to your work attire but wondering how to start? Invest in a pair of straight leg women's trousers for an edgy, stylish, and functional attire choice!

Tailored for a crisp and professional aesthetic look, the women’s straight leg trousers upon wearing will make your frame look taller than it is and the sides give out a highly structured look. 

These women's trouser pants can be paired with blouses for a classic professional look or with tops for a rustic sassy look. You can also throw in a jacket for a put-together look! 

Women’s straight leg trousers are often interchanged with women's wide leg trousers as well due to the width of these pairs of trousers. 

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Guide On Picking The PERFECT Office Trousers For Women

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While trousers are popular for how powerful they make you feel, it is essential to pick the right trouser to meet your aesthetic expectation.

If you are looking for a pair of women's trousers pants that blend into your work attire as well as casual attire preferences, a pair of skinny trousers women can do the charm! These pants are known for the style quotient that they add instantly upon wearing.

If your work hours are mostly spent seated and comfort is the primary factor governing your shopping, opt for a pair of women’s pleated trousers as the pleats at the waist serve the purpose of adding extra room for hips to expand in a sitting position. 

While these women's trousers are sure to add variety to your work wardrobe, remember that the pleats must be cared for. Otherwise, they can create a messy look at the waist. For this, read and follow the washing instructions clearly.

If your work involves long hours of standing and walking around, then a pair of women’s straight leg trousers can be the ideal trousers for you. These pants are highly structured and maintain their shape and texture despite long hours of wear. Aside from the comfort and convenience, these trousers are sure to add a power-woman vibe to your outfit choice!

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Parting Words

Trousers are undoubtedly perfect for an office look. They retain their structure, are highly functional, and easy to move around in. At Le Réussi, our team of expert designers creates women's trousers that are made to fit your needs and are intended to add confidence to succeed!

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Nothing like trousers that feel like home!

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