Blazers: How to Choose and Style a Classic

Blazers are a workwear staple found in closets of women of almost any profession. You probably own some, but are you wearing them correctly? Here are some facts about blazers that may shock you, and some tips on how to style them like a professional.

What exactly is a blazer?

A blazer is basically just a more casual version of a suit jacket. They’re usually solid colors with buttons on the front. The name originally came from the “blazing” red jackets worn by members of the Lady Margaret Boat Club in 1825. The name later evolved to outfits worn by sailors, and even later to pieces of clothing worn by British Mods in the 1960s and 70s. Nowadays, they’re a must-have item in the world of women’s professional attire.

Blazers are popular for many reasons. Firstly, they instantly elevate a wardrobe from casual to business casual or professional. Second, they are lightweight, making them the perfect outerwear for spring and summer. They’re also available in many different colors, which allows you to create eye-catching looks. Additionally, they’re easy to pair with trousers or skirts to create a matching set.


How do you choose and style a blazer, you ask?

When choosing a blazer, think about the clothing you already have. You want to pick one with complimentary colors to trousers or skirts you would wear with it. Black, gray, white or navy are great colors to start with because you can match them with almost anything. If you want something more colorful, try pairing your blazer with a bright-colored blouse!

When it comes to blazers, the fit and the fabric are important. These aspects can determine how professional you look. The blazer should not be too big, or it can make you look unkempt. This rule still applies with oversized styles. An oversized blazer should still be fitted to the shoulders.

You should also make sure your blazer is not too long. The sleeves of a blazer, if you choose one with full-length sleeves, should sit no lower than where your thumb meets your wrist. In terms of fabric, you want something soft that doesn’t crease easily, like wool or cashmere.

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You also should strive to wear a blazer that suits the environment you'll be wearing it in. If your workplace is business casual, you don't want to look overly formal! More casual blazers include boyfriend, bolero, denim, oversized, or printed styles. If you're looking to wear a blazer in a more formal setting, try a fitted, single breasted, double breasted, deep lapel, or front open style. 



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