Black Friday Shop Guide

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is one of the year's biggest shopping days. It's an ideal time to get the best deals and discounts on items on your list, whether you’re buying online or in stores.

Whether shopping for holiday gifts or buying for yourself, scoring the best Black Friday deals means starting early. Here are some tips to help you plan to get the most out of the slew of discounts.

Check the Ads and Apps

Many retailers start circulating their Black Friday ads weeks before the shopping day, giving you plenty of time to start shopping for the best deals. Checking out the ads early will help you organize your day to save time as you take advantage of early sales. To map out your plan, learn when retailers require you to be in-store or online at specific hours. 

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You can also join retailers' email lists or follow them on social media to keep tabs on their offers as they announce them. You can use apps to find the best prices in advance or use them while shopping in the store. If you’re in one store and find a lower price from another retailer, you may want to ask about a possible price match.

Look for Early-Bird Shopper Discounts

You don't have to wait until Black Friday to take advantage of the flurry of discounts because many retailers offer early-bird discounts. You may even be able to get all your “Black Friday” shopping complete before Thanksgiving and avoid the crowds.

Starting early also gives you a better chance of getting your items on time if the retailer runs out of stock due to issues with shortages or higher-than-expected demand.

Ask for Gift Receipts

Gift receipts make it easier for your gift recipient to return or exchange the item. They typically include a description of the purchase but not the price.

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You can request a gift receipt for online and in-store purchases so your loved one can make a hassle-free exchange or return. Some retailers, including Amazon, even make gift receipts available online or through their app after your purchase.

Be Careful Paying With a Credit Card on Black Friday

Using your credit card may offer benefits like rewards points, an extended warranty, or purchase protection. But be careful about overspending with credit. High credit card balances may take longer to repay, which could mean you will pay more interest.

You can set a budget and make a list in advance, then keep an eye on your balance as you spend. Some card issuers offer apps that help you easily track your shopping spending. You'll be able to check your balance and available credit in real time.

Be aware that the season’s significant markdowns may tempt you to buy impulsively. However, remember that spending money you didn't plan to pay isn't "saving."

Final Thought

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Black Friday is a great time to shop for the holiday with significant savings. Check out the product list from Le Réussi® for a substantial discount on the entire purchase. 

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