The Unbreakable Mother-Daughter Bond: How Nguyen Tran and Her Daughter Tina Built a Fashion Brand Together

Nguyen Tran, the founder of Le Réussi®, is not just an accomplished fashion designer but also a proud mother who shares a special bond with her 11-year-old daughter, Tina. Growing up, Tina was always captivated by her mother's talent and creativity, and she became increasingly involved in Nguyen's work as she got older. Tina's unwavering support and encouragement gave Nguyen the courage to pursue her dream of creating her own luxury fashion brand, which has since taken the industry by storm.

Nguyen Tran - a mom and a founder of Le Reussi

Together, with Tina's encouragement, Nguyen has built a successful business that celebrates femininity, strength, and the beauty of mother-daughter relationships. Tina's love for her mother's creations inspired Nguyen to create the Amour collection, featuring a unique geometric print based on one of Tina's drawings. This special collaboration is a testament to the deep and abiding love between the two and the mother-daughter bond that drives Le Réussi®'s success.

Nguyen Tran - a mom and a CEO of Le Reussi

At Le Réussi®, we celebrate the power of love and creativity in everything we do. Check out our stunning Amour Collection, including the beautiful geometric pencil skirt and other pieces that reflect the love and collaboration between Nguyen and Tina. As Nguyen says, "Tina has been my rock, inspiration, and greatest cheerleader. Together, we have built a brand that celebrates the beauty and strength of women everywhere, and I couldn't have done it without her.

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