About us

You are what you wear, and you dress for success!


Le Reussi is a business apparel line brand that was founded by Nguyen Tran that focuses on empowering women by offering high-quality attire for them to look good as we push them to succeed and achieve their goals for their lives and their careers. Nguyen Tran holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Vietnam and an MBA degree from the University of Houston – Downtown, and she started Le Reussi with the single aim of helping young to middle-aged ladies who want to succeed in life with high-end professional outfits and style guides that inspire confidence. At Le Reussi, we understand that true success is achieved when you gain financial freedom, respect, and find happiness in life and work. At our clothing line, we are a one-of-a-kind online store that understands the business world and offers our products to wholesalers, retailers, and individual clients at pocket-friendly rates that fits every budget. Through our website, we offer our esteemed clients products from the latest designs that inspire confidence and make them stand out. We focus on all women regardless of their marital status and ensure they fully satisfy themselves through our brands and increase self-love and confidence. We are passionate about boosting self-esteem and improving their lives from day to day, and every single product brings inspirational meaning, and that’s why we say, “You aren’t just buying a cloth, you’re purchasing a tool that will improve your mood, and therefore it will impact your everyday life positively.”


We aspire to empower our esteemed clients holistically by creating a clothing brand that offers cutting-edge products tailored to suit each client’s unique needs and inspires them to make independent decisions geared towards success.


We endeavor to continually meet the needs of our clients by providing superior products and an all-around customer service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.


  • Accountability: Responsibility for our actions that influence the lives of our clients.
  • Commitment to excellence: Giving world-class products and great experience to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.
  • Professionalism: We aspire always to offer superior quality clothing and maintain professional relations at every level of our interactions.
  • Quality: We are committed to ensuring our customers get the right value for their money
  • Respect: We welcome and respect clients from all backgrounds; recognizing their differences is the backbone that supports our organization.
  • Co-operation: We will ensure teamwork through synergy to achieve our objectives
  • Innovation: We employ creativity in all that we do to ensure a smooth flow of work in our firm and use the latest technologies strategies to make sure we deliver cutting-edge services.


We are dedicated to the provision of high-quality, authentic, and reliable clothing products and services that are aimed at empowering, promoting, and encouraging our highly esteemed customers in our society. We are committed to demonstrating compassion to all those around us and always empowering those in need without discrimination. At Le Reussi, we are devoted to enriching our society, inspiring positivity, and encouraging our clients for a lifelong commitment. 


  • To improve access to high-quality apparel.
  • To focus time and detail on the presentation of every product and the everlasting impression that it puts on our customers.
  • To research products that will enhance our client’s mood in helping them to enhance her life in feeling good about herself, restored, and empowered.
  • To foster healthy collaborations with professionals who are in alignment with my vision and mission.
  • To improve the functionality of Le Reussi in the service of its mission.
  • To improve customer support by listening to feedback help me enhance and empower our clients through our brand.