Our Commitment to Climate Action: A Recap of Earth Month and Exciting News Ahead

Dear Valued Customers,

We're excited to share the remarkable impact we've achieved during Earth Month, all thanks to your unwavering support and partnership. In collaboration with fellow Planet users and Shopify, we've collectively generated an astounding $157,130 USD towards removing carbon emissions in April alone.

At Planet, our dedication to facilitating carbon-neutral shipping remains steadfast. However, we're thrilled to unveil an expansion of our climate impact efforts. In addition to supporting carbon-neutral shipping, we're proud to announce our collaboration with planet companies like Twelve.

Twelve specializes in carbon transformation, a pioneering process that converts recycled CO2 into valuable materials and fuels. This innovation holds the potential to revolutionize commerce and shipping, significantly reducing carbon footprints.

For instance, Twelve's E-Jet® aviation fuel boasts a carbon footprint more than 80% lower than jet fuel derived from fossil fuels. As part of Planet's Century and Millennium Plans, subscribers like us will contribute to Twelve with every order shipped.

Moreover, when selecting the Community or Alliance options during checkout, a portion of the proceeds will also contribute to funding Twelve's transformative initiatives.

Together, we're making tangible strides in combating climate change. Your continued support empowers us to champion innovative solutions that positively impact our planet.

Thank you for embarking on this journey towards a more sustainable future with us. Together, we can enact lasting change.

Warm regards,

Nguyen Tran

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